It Felt Like the Beginning of a Nightmare

My life seemed to be finally turning around.
My husband had passed away, and also my father within two weeks of each other.
It was very rough. My whole life had changed.
I bought a smaller home and downsized and also started an antique booth with my friend.
Life seemed good.

I was working at the antique shop in December of 2014 when suddenly I couldn’t talk right.

My words seemed to be slurred and hard to get out. I felt weak, just not myself.

It was the beginning of a nightmare.

Three ER visits and then I was finally hospitalized. I spent both Christmas and my birthday in the hospital wondering what was wrong with me. I couldn’t eat, could barely talk, walk and breathe, or see correctly. It was frightening beyond belief!

Then came that fateful diagnosis.

You have Myasthenia Gravis.”

I was happy for a diagnosis but very scared. It was going to be a long road ahead and I knew it well. You just fight with all you’ve got and you pray. Your life completely changes forever.

They tell you it’s manageable and you’ll get your life back. That’s so hard to believe when you can’t even lift your head.

So many doctors and nurses do not know very much about this disease, which is just as frightening as the disease itself!
We have spread awareness each and every day because it is essential to our survival.

We matter! They need to hear us! We fight battles every day that no one else sees.

I am better now with Mestinon, Cellcept, and prednisone. I also have
IVIG every month. Life with MG is not easy and every day is a challenge.
I have met beautiful people who are so strong and who encourage me along the way.
We Snowflakes always stick together.
There WILL be a cure one day.♡
Never give up.♡

– Karen Amacher


3 thoughts on “It Felt Like the Beginning of a Nightmare”

  1. Hello . I too have Myathenia Gravis . I was diagnosed in 2015 . I was reading your story. I noticed you take Cellsept how do you take your med with or without meals . 2 hours before or after your meals. I’m also now taking Cellsept. Thanks much for your story. Brooklyn Williams

    1. I take the cell cept one hour before I eat or two hours after I eat. Either or. I do take the liquid though and I mix it with a little bit of yogurt. I can’t swallow pills so well.

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