In Honor of Andrew Abdayem – Fireworks Request

In honor of Andrew Abdayem, who passed in March due to respiratory crisis at age 23, please light a sparkler or “something spectacular” this 4th of July and share a picture or video of it. His mother, Tracie, told me the 4th of July was his favorite holiday.

If you share a video or picture of your sparkler or fireworks in his honor, please tag us on Twitter or post a link to your video or picture in the form below. Make sure your photo or video are set to public so I can see it. Within a few days I’ll put together a slideshow.

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I am currently a part time student studying for a B.S. in Information Systems & Technology with a minor in Digital Graphic Design. I have multiple chronic illnesses including myasthenia gravis. I am the admin for the MG Hope blog. I'm sending you strength, courage, and love. Stay strong my fellow MG warriors.

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