Help Tyler Get a New Mobility Scooter

Hi, I’m Tyler, the admin of the MG Hope blog. I have MG among many other chronic illnesses and I use a mobility scooter to get around on my college campus.

I’m a part time college student studying for a B.S. in Computer Information Systems & Technology. I started college in 2011 as a full time student before my diagnosis and kept going while trying to get a diagnosis. I am determined to finish and my mobility scooter is my lifeline to get to and from classes and meetings as a student leader. Without a new scooter, I will likely be unable to finish school.

My current scooter needs about $500 – $600 worth of parts and it is 15 years old, bought used. I need a new one as I can’t see putting money into something that may or may not last, but I lack the funds to buy it. My insurance won’t pay for it as I don’t need or use it within my home to complete my “daily living activities.”

I greatly appreciate any help you can provide and I hope you’ll consider sharing this link.

MG Hope Admin

“Grieving The Person I Was Before Chronic Illness” – The Mighty

Grieving the person you were before your chronic illness is a normal process.

A great article about one person’s grief over the person she was before rheumatoid arthritis. I believe the article applies to most if not all chronic illnesses. I can definitely relate to it.

In Honor of Andrew Abdayem – Fireworks Request

In honor of Andrew Abdayem, who passed in March due to respiratory crisis at age 23, please light a sparkler or “something spectacular” this 4th of July and share a picture or video of it. His mother, Tracie, told me the 4th of July was his favorite holiday.

If you share a video or picture of your sparkler or fireworks in his honor, please tag us on Twitter or post a link to your video or picture in the form below. Make sure your photo or video are set to public so I can see it. Within a few days I’ll put together a slideshow.

MG Awareness Interview: Mother of a Fallen Warrior